CTIP Launches Nurse Collaborations & Partnerships to Advance Pediatric Medical Devices

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - March 12, 2020 - The West Coast Consortium for Technology & Innovation in Pediatrics (CTIP) announces a new partnership with Nursing Innovation Hub, Inc. (NIHUB), an angel investor-funded healthtech startup serving as a hub to accelerate nurse-led technology and innovation. NIHUB’s mission to enable, inspire, and accelerate nurse-led technology and innovation, aligns with CTIP’s goal of supporting pediatric medical device innovation. Together, the two organizations have formed the CTIP/NIHUB Clinical Insight Group. NIHUB will provide support to CTIP by matching CTIP portfolio companies with NIHUB specialty-specific registered nurses to provide clinical feedback on pediatric medical device development through its 35,000+ collaborative member platform. 

The CTIP/NIHUB Clinical Insight Group will leverage the crucial insights and experiences of nurses to drive bedside innovation. The collaboration creates unique opportunities for pediatric medical device innovators to have direct access to nurses, often the primary users of devices, for genuine and helpful insights on medical device development. As healthcare technologies continue to evolve, there is a growing need to better understand how to integrate new technologies into the healthcare system. NIHUB’s platform and matchmaking algorithms are helping to connect nurses with a community of resources and services that can help advance nurse-led technology and innovation, as well as foster the integration of new technologies into the healthcare system. 

Nadine B. Afari, MS, CTIP Program Associate for Research and Education, joined the NIHUB Advisory Board in January 2020. Aliya R. Aaron, MSHS, BSN, RN Founder and CEO of NIHUB, and Nadine both share a commitment to providing education and insight, highlighting partnerships around clinical innovation and recognizing nursing innovators. “NIHUB was created in 2019 as a hub to foster innovation and entrepreneurship and to provide global reach, visibility, community, education and resources to front-line nurses and technology experts seeking to create need-driven, high-tech healthcare innovations,” said Aliyah R. Aaron.

“What nurses bring to the conversation is their vast experience of the workflows associated with all aspects of patient care. Nurses are the most consistent part of the health equation, in that they spend more time with patients and their support systems than almost any other clinician. Involving nurses early in the design and development process of any new technology makes sense. Nurses know better than most how to solve challenges that arise when providing patient care throughout the continuum. It is not uncommon for nurses to experience an average of one workaround per hour due to operation and system failures when providing care to patients,” said Nadine B. Afari.

The partnership with NIHUB is just one of the many ways CTIP is collaborating with nurses. Earlier this year, CTIP launched a nursing focus group initiative with the Clinical Practice Council at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to provide in-person feedback to portfolio members. CTIP recognizes the importance of collaboration among all stakeholders in healthcare to support pediatric innovation. Nurses’ unique patient- and process-oriented perspectives position them to contribute to and lead transformative change in pediatric health. CTIP is excited to learn from and work with our nursing colleagues to help advance pediatric medical devices. 

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