Van Speybroeck, MD, MPH

Associate Professor Pediatrics USC Keck School of Medicine

Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Dr. Van Speybroeck came to Los Angeles in 1998 after graduation form medical school at Boston University. Currently he works as an academic general pediatrician at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), and Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Clinician Educator) at the University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine. In addition, He works part time at Shriners Medical Center for Children Pasadena. At CHLA he directs a multidisciplinary Spina Bifida program with over 450 patients. Current research projects focus on the care of children with Spina Bifida with specific projects related to fetoscopic repair of myelomeningocele, newborn urology management and continence, psychosocial risk factors, bone health and orthopedics, obesity in the myelomeningocele population, and successful transitioning to adult health care and independence. Our group has been fortunate to receive grant funding from the NIH as well as the CDC, and we participate in the National Spina Bifida Registry and Urology projects. We have presented our results at the Spina Bifida World Congress and SBA Association Meetings. His teaching duties center on providing medical education related to the care of children with disabilities. This includes formal didactic teaching, as well as supervising CHLA pediatric residents and USC medical students on in-patient ward service; with  family centered bedside rounds, and outpatient continuity clinics. Internationally, he Co-direct the CHLA resident IMPACT Tract Global Health Advocacy program.  He is also the Medical Director for the CHLA Center for Global Health outpatient program. His focus is on care of children with special health care needs and medical complexity in developing nations, and resource limited settings.  In addition, he mentors CHLA residents in their global health research and advocacy projects around the world. He has been active on a national level with the Spina Bifida Association, working on the updated healthcare guidelines for persons living with Spina Bifida. He collaborates with Birth defects branch of the US Centers for Disease Control working on the committee for science and publication for the Spina Bifida registry project. At Shriners Hospital, he directs several clinical multidisciplinary programs focusing on children with neurodevelopmental disabilities including Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Arthrogryposis, and Craniofacial clinics. His individual medical home “private practice clinic” at CHLA serves almost entirely children with significant developmental disabilities/intellectual disability. This includes autistic spectrum disorders and rare genetic conditions primarily from the underserved Latino community in Los Angeles.