Hoffman, PhD

Sr VP, Business Development & Technology Transfer

LA BioMed

Dr.Hoffman is responsible for the development of commercialization opportunitiesfor LA BioMed’s intellectual properties, capabilities and expertise.

Priorto LA BioMed, Dr. Hoffman held senior management roles (COO, CBO, VP) inbusiness, corporate, science, and intellectual property development forbiotechnology, healthcare data, medical device, and consumer product companies.As part of those efforts Dr. Hoffman drafted, and assisted in the prosecutionof, over 70 patents. Most recently, he was part of the founding team at AdveraHealth Analytics where he developed and helped monetize big data platforms thatprovide real world side effect data on all FDA approved drugs.

Dr.Hoffman is a native San Diegan who earned both his B.S. in Biology and Ph.D. inNeuroscience from UC Irvine in the laboratory of Dr. Gary Lynch. His researchat Irvine focused on the molecular basis of learning and memory with anemphasis on how neural cell adhesion molecules may modulate synapticarchitectures.